Tressed to Kill

"Tressed to Kill" is our new luxurious hair treatment that is now included in all cut and color services (except 7 Foil Highlights).  It virtually eliminates the damage caused to the hair by repeated coloring.  

This is a brand new, cutting edge additive that virtually eliminates the damage that repeated coloring can cause to the hair. We've been impressed so far, and we hope you will be, too! Although our color (which is ammonia- and PPD- free) is already very gentle on the hair, this new process allows us to do things that were never possible before and will keep your hair in tip top shape!  We believe this product will change the entire hair color industry, and we're excited to be the first salon in the area to offer it!

This super-secret additive is recommended by the manufacturer as a $30 add-on to color services.  We include this amazing process with every color service at no additional charge!


Want softer, healthier hair? Addicted to bombshell blonde? Craving long-lasting, ravishing reds and super shiny brilliant brunettes? We’ve been dying to share the secret of our amazing “Tressed to Kill” package, and now the secret is OUT!

It’s time to introduce Olaplex. Olaplex is a revolutionary product that will change the way we think about hair color from now on — and it’s included in every cut and color service (except 7 Foil Highlights) here at Trina’s Tresses. Imagine a world where coloring your hair left it in BETTER condition than before you started! That is what Olaplex brings to the table! This must-have secret weapon of celebrity stylists has been available here at Trina’s Tresses since the day it launched!

We first learned about Olaplex in March of 2014 at the Baltimore Fashion Focus Hair Show, and we could hardly wait for its release! Because we’ve been using Olaplex in every color service since the day it launched (back in July 2014), we have experience with over 400 applications of this amazing product.

How does it work? When peroxide enters the hair shaft to lighten your hair, it splits the disulfide bonds, which is where the strength, structure and integrity of your hair comes from. Olaplex actually pairs up with, and repairs, the broken bonds, restoring the strength of your hair. And because Olaplex actually reduces the porosity of your hair, colors will shine brighter and last longer than ever before!

You will never experience hair as soft and healthy after a color service as you will with Olaplex. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz are demanding Olaplex, because they have seen how amazing it is. We can push the envelope further and go blonder than every before. There is nothing more important than maintaining the integrity of your hair — so insist on Olaplex with your color service!